A Sorry State Of…. Washington?

So a senator here in Washington State decided to do a bit of a revamp of our current medicinal cannabis’ laws, 69.51a. Her bill (originally SB 5073) was aimed at making cannabis dispensaries (licensed and regulated, of course) legal, clarify some stuff and give folks with cannabis recommendations a bit more protection from having the door kicked in.

Sounds good, don’t it?

I think the number of amendments I just counted was forty-three. Here, you can look for yourself.


This thing became a mess. It was like every asshat that saw the possibility of hobbling the current law brought out a pen; No “advertising.” No medical clinics solely for recommending cannabis…. Stuff and stuff! The other side made concessions. Amendments were withdrawn. Some weren’t accepted. Back and forth and round and round. It was a mess. When the amendment was made that patients with a cannabis recommendation would be reimbursed for their pizza…! Well, I figured that was telling. I figured that meant the mess was going to die. What? You think I’m bullshittin’ ya? Look.


Yeah, it was withdrawn, but hopefully you get my point.

The “Mess” made it to the Governor’s desk.

It’s time to slide up on the edge of your seat. This is where it REALLY gets exciting! The Guv put in a query to the Washington State Federal attorneys asking them what their opinion on the state licensing dispensaries was. Their response was that they could very well prosecute those state employees involved in licensing, registering, etc..

The Guv’nor nutted-up.

Now in this state, with a bill sitting on the desk, it’s not a “do or die.” Oh, no. See, in this state a Governor can do a line item veto kind of thing, sign what’s left and it becomes law. Maybe it’s not by line, but by section? It doesn’t matter. She took out her pen and started scratching away. And then signed it.


Many patients in the State of Washington holding a cannabis recommendations could very well find themselves in deep doodoo soon. Man, I wish that pizza thing had made it. Hell, it would have been something.

I hear there are some activists attempting to pull together a referendum so that (hopefully) the “Mess” can go away in November.

Vote early. Vote often.


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