I’ve been somewhat hesitant to post this. I’ve read some folks claiming that Fibromyalgia is nothing more than a concoction of the pharmaceuticals in order to peddle more pills. After doing a bit of looking around I’ve decided it’s more complicated than that.

Fibromyalgia is characterized by unexplainable chronic pain. In the link I’m about to share with you, you’ll see that some (a?) doctor(s) believe in order to put the handle of “Fibromyalgia” on a patient’s malady the pain must be accompanied by sleep disturbance, fatigue and screwed up bowels. Here, check it out:


Now, I’m not going to pretend I am competent to argue….(but) anyone that suffers from intense chronic pain knows it wears them down. Anyone that suffers from severe chronic pain has trouble getting a good night’s sleep. Anyone taking narcotics knows they can screw with their bowels. I meet that criteria. I don’t have FM. I have a screwed up spine that insists on pissing off the various nerve roots along its length. Maybe that’s why my malady is called a degenerative and arthritic spine. We know why I’m hosed. They tell me it’s congenital. Thanks, mom.

With that being said (written?) a study in relieving pain with cannabis has been conducted over in Spain. I suppose because the source of the pain in the 56 subjects is unexplainable their malady has been labeled, “Fibromyalgia.”  28 of the subjects administered cannabis. The other half didn’t.

We already know that cannabis is effective in pain relief. Apparently, we now know that cannabis  relieves “unexplainable” pain. Okay. I mean, I don’t see any real surprises there. If you’d care to, you can check out the abstract from the study here:

Spanish Study

Wouldn’t it be cool if the medicos in the U.S. could start (legally) performing independent studies?  One can hope. Can’t they?


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