Care for Some Soda in That? (an addendum to the previous post)

I picked up a box of baking soda just a bit ago. I was wondering if I had something around the house to bring the pH of the tap water up. I would never dream of using it, but I looked at the product I use for my jacuzzi. The label reads, sodium carbonate. Ah! I thought, baking soda! Nope, baking soda is -bi-carbonate.

On that same panel, across from active ingredient, under purpose, it reads, Antacid. The panel’s title is, Drug Facts.

Doood! Baking soda is a drug!

Under the previous, we find baking soda’s uses as a drug; heartburn, acid indigestion, sour stomach, upset stomach due to these symptoms.

Yep. Baking soda’s a drug. I checked the DEA’s drug schedule to see where it fell. Yeah, that’s pretty funny, huh. Naw, it aint there.

That’s too bad because people can get in a bad way when they abuse it. And you’re sitting there thinking, He’s not joking. I know he isn’t joking… Nope.

It’s called, “Soda loading.” It’s an attempt to give an athlete an advantage over their competitor. Yep, doping, man. Baking soda is dope! Here’s your link:

The article doesn’t say it can be fatal, but “extremely dangerous” is a rather strong descriptive. The symptoms don’t look none too fun.

If you ask me, this is just… just NUTS!


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