What a Pain!

I’m not certain this post belongs in the medicinal section. I don’t see it relates directly to prohibition and it damn sure aint about hemp though… I guess this is my sand box and I can build my castles as I choose, eh?

I read the local paper every morning. Being a pain sufferer, myself, the following headline caught my eye, New pain rules leave patients hurting. It’s written by Carol Ostrom with The Seattle Times. I’m going to give you the catch-paragraph:

“Over the last several months, an effort in Washington to curb a steep rise in prescription-drug overdose deaths — the most ambitious crackdown in the nation — has prompted a number of doctors and clinics to stop taking new chronic-pain patients on opiates, and in some cases to cut off current pain patients.”

The whole article can be found here:

Wow! So if a person has severe chronic pain then their best bet for relief is to cop some heroin over on the street corner? This is ludicrous. Now, don’t get me wrong here, I think pills are pushed way too much by the medical profession. Health care professionals are the pharmaceutical industry’s peddlers, after all. But to deny an individual in agony a medication crafted to offer relief…?

According to the article more than half of the O.D.s were people on Medicaid taking methadone. It seems the state restricted prescribing other pain medications. Good job Washington! Sheesh.

Pain contracts requiring drug screening urinalysis are to become a requirement. Now, I ask you what the point of that is? I take an opiate for pain. Wanna bet I pop hot for opiates? How is a U.A. going to prevent me from overdosing on Vicodin? It aint. That’s what. Not that I could possibly (inadvertently) take too much Vicodin anyway. My head would be hanging in the toilet way before I could get a lethal dose of hydrocodone or acetaminophen. …I digress.

I’ll tell you what else I’ll pop hot for, cannabis.

I’m fortunate that in the state of Washington the Veterans’ Administration turns a blind eye to cannabis metabolites. I’m fortunate, but what about all of the pain patients out there with doctors that are more afraid of cannabis than they are Oxycodone? They’re hosed, that’s what.

Yeah, I suppose you’re right. If a person is relegated to buying opium on the street corner then they may as well toss in a bag of cannabis. Because with the cannabis the rate of opiate administration, for relief, can be greatly reduced. It’s that whole synergy thing.

Since I’ve been taking a home formulated cannabis cap every evening before bed my Vicodin consumption has dropped by a third. I don’t want to get too much into my malady here, but I’ll also tell you the incidence of nocturnal cramping and the level of pain from the abdominal spasms have dropped significantly as well. Not only that, I use less cannabis during the day!

Win-win, baby!

Again, I suppose I’m fortunate not to be copping my dope from the corner peddler.

I’ve come to the conclusion that any physician out there that isn’t aware that cannabis is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory along with the synergistic relationship with opiate pain relievers is ignorant. An ignorant physician is an incompetent physician.

It’s time for doctors to quit practicing, and get in the game.


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