More on Cannabidiol

I haven’t the lab equipment to tell me exactly what I’ve been putting into my home formulated capsules. No, I’m not talking about the vegcaps themselves, but the material I put in them. I do know that I’ve been using a lot more of the “vegetative” matter as of late. My effort is to get the CBD in there — as much as I can — with what I’ve got to work with. Sometimes I fool myself into believing I know what I’m doing.

In the October journal, Anesthesia & Analgesia appears the results of a mouse study on peripheral neuropathy. Neuropathy as a result of being treated with a chemotherapeutic called paclitaxel. Paclitixel is commonly used to treat breast and ovarian cancer. Great, huh? You get the cancer, get the chemo and then a little pain for all’a your trouble.

So they did up the mice with some paclitaxel and cannabidiol. Yep. Nope, no neuropathy.

The researchers were already aware of the positive results using CBD in treating other types of neuropathic pain, and wondered of its efficacy in paclitaxel-induced allodynia. Allodynia? A touch, a breeze, something cold on the skin produces pain.

I think more work needs to be done with CBN (cannabinol). I don’t know why, but I have a suspicion this is an overlooked phytocannabinoid. I let my capping material air dry (paper bag) for a month before I grind and cap it.

I hear there’s a lab up in Seattle. I wonder what a sample test runs?


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