Up Against the Wall, Motherf…

I’m speaking of the feds being against the wall — and it appears they prefer you wear the blindfold.  And no, “blindfold” wasn’t a Lady Justice pun. Err, or maybe. Let me think on it.

The United Corporations of America are going to go down kicking and screaming. Or, as Kentuckian cannabis advocate, Gatewood Galbraith is known to characterise, “The pertochemical-pharmaceutical-military-industrial-trans-national-corporate-fascist-elite-sons-a-bitches.” ‘Least I think that’s what he says. I’m a bit hard of hearing and he’s got that accent…

It’s a bit sickening to watch, really. I mean, a person would want to have respect for their government, wouldn’t they? It pains me when the feds, in the face of science, attempt to enforce their “flat earth” policies for cannabis. Their own researchers, committees and judges have condemned the current scheduling (CSA) of cannabis.

Don’t let them hoodwink you.

Currently, there are 16 states (and D.C.) with some sort of medical cannabis laws on the books. Many (most?) of these are a result of citizen action/ initiatives. Every year more states’ citizens are making the same attempts. Organizations are gathering signatures for medical, recreational and/or industrial use. Bills are being introduced in various state legislatures… The DEA is currently being sued by various individuals and groups over the criminal scheduling of cannabis as a I. schedule I being reserved for drugs (hemp is a drug?!) without any medical efficacy and a high risk of harm to the individual.

It’s really kinda embarrassing.

The United States’ Attorneys are key players in this tragic comedy.

First we had the “Ogden memo” in 2009. Basically it reads the feds won’t waste resources on kicking in the doors of individuals that use cannabis medicinally. If one reads between the lines, one could surmise that is purely driven by finances. They’d prefer the local authorities do that door kicking. The feds will handle the prosecution of large-scale sales. You know, like dispensaries?

Apparently, the dispensary owners didn’t read it that way, and have been raided. When they cried “FOUL!” the “Haag memo” came out. Its intent was a clarification of the Ogden piece. More raids. State licensed, registered and tax paying dispensary owners, again, thumbed their noses and cried foul.

So, Deputy Attorney James Cole gave clarification a shot, “State laws or local ordinances are not a defense to civil or criminal enforcement of federal law.”

That schedule I thing again. 

Several states have toyed with the idea of “managing” cannabis dispensaries. That is, implementing regulations, licensing, zoning, etc. These states have received threats by their respective U.S. Attorneys… state employees are not exempt from federal prosecution. Washington State’s Governor gutted a bill that would have implemented state oversight of dispensaries and horticulture. She vetoed 36 sections — and then signed the tattered remains into law. The Governor of Arizona is trying to sue her own state over sanctioned dispensaries. The governor of Rhode Island has pussed out on state involvement with dispensing cannabis.

And the whole country (world?) is watching.

The latest attack is on our 2nd amendment right to bear arms. The memo was from the BATF to firearms dealers. It was a reminder that an unlawful user, or anyone addicted to any controlled substance, is prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition. Just having a cannabis authorization is prima facie evidence of unlawful use.

If the federal agencies involved in these activities were an animal, I’d shoot it. It’s quite plain to me the animal is in pain. I mean, with all of the gnashing and thrashing around… It would be the only humane course of action.

A lot more humane than the pain, suffering, and loss of freedoms the government has endorsed for its citizens. The whole thing has become terribly painful to watch.

I won’t turn my head, though. I won’t blink. No blindfold for me, thanks. Up against the wall, mother…


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