Senseless, I Tell You… Senseless

Dispensary raids have been made in Montana and California by the Feds. One raid in California was at a grow licensed and registered by the local Sheriff’s Department.

Banks that deal with cannabis dispensaries have been warned (by the feds) of being sanctioned. Handling money from a cannabis business is illegal. The banks have shut down, and refused, accounts.

One business owner (California, again) has been handed a tax bill for two million dollars. I don’t know the details. Did the company really fudge or have they been caught in a catch 22?

United States’ Attorneys have been churning out warning letters to governors of states considering the licensing, registration and regulating of the dispensing of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Is that why Governor Gregoire vetoed 36 sections of a legislative bill that would have done exactly that? You know, out of fear of being indicted on a federal charge of distribution?

U.S. Attorneys have recently sent cease and desist letters to a number of dispensary owners, and/or their lease owners. If an individual knowingly leases a building for selling cannabis then that property is at risk of seizure and forfeiture.

And, you know what really pisses me off? Under the law, as it currently stands, they are 100% correct.

Yeah. That’s what I said.

That’s what pisses me off.

15 states (and good ol’ D.C.) have medical cannabis laws. Initiatives (and  such) for some sort of cannabis law overhaul pop up from state to state faster than I can keep up. Does your local newspaper have a web presence? Look at the comments on the various cannabis stories. How many organizations are out there attempting cannabis reform? Anyone with any intelligence, any at all, can simply look out of their window and know that the people of this country want that reform.

And yet our elected Congress refuses to budge.
And the DEA refuses to pull cannabis from schedule I.
And people are getting hosed.

That pisses me off.

Please, please, take the time today to write someone a letter, will ya? Write, email, phone… whatever.

On another note;
An apparently organized black-market business got popped the other day. The raid was at 56 different addresses, all in Clark County Washington. reportedly 6,800 plants were seized. Pretty impressive, huh? Bummer for the medicinal cannabis patients.

I mean, if a person isn’t able to safely obtain their cannabis from a dispensary, where else are they going to get it?

Damned if ya do, damned if ya don’t…

Register to vote.
Make noise.



  1. Dan Jacobs said,

    October 17, 2011 at 12:15 pm

    When one decides to get involved in a business that is just barely legal in the state you open your business in, and *still* completely illegal under federal law, you gotta figure that there is gonna be trouble. Folks gotta be on the forefront of any movement, but don’t open the doors of your business then firmly bury your head in the sand.

    The raids in clark county of 56 homes were to arrest *criminals*. If the law says don’t grow pot under the guise of “medicinal use only” then shop the grass across the country (BINGO, law broken), don’t be so shocked when they kick down your door and shoot your guard dog. Also, see above paragraph.

    Nobody told you this shit was gonna be easy did they?

    Love ya, man. Keeping on top of things and sticking it out there now and then to get it smacked aint the best way to get rich and popular. 😉

    Take good care of yourself.

  2. capndrift said,

    October 18, 2011 at 9:28 am

    I suppose I’m a bit of a lightweight when it comes to my activism, Dan. I’m well versed in the law and stay within it’s confines. ‘Least when it comes to state law. The feds (for me) are somewhat irrelevant. They’ve no interest in spending their money to bust some broke-dick growing a few plants under shop lights.

    I’ve no interest in proselytizing from a jail cell.

    Growing, possessing and distributing cannabis is illegal, regardless of intent. Whom gets busted for what varies from state to state. Hell, in some instances, county to county within the same state.

    Therein lies my bitch. I just read a news article about a Gallup poll. 50% of Americans are for cannabis legalization. 70% approve of its medicinal use.

    And it appears to fall on deaf ears.

    Until cannabis is yanked from schedule I (people are working on it) 800,000 people a year are going to be charged with some sort of cannabis related crime. 800,000. People. Every. Year.

    What I find terribly insane is legalization -is- coming. Anyone with any interest in the subject (pro or con) has to be aware of that. Feel it in their gut. Why continue this “Reefer Madness” charade?

    Get it out of schedule I. That should be any pro-organizations primary goal. The feds, obviously, don’t give a fat rat’s about state rights nor those of their citizens. Schedule I is the head of the snake. I say, lop it off!

    Do they make armored vests for Huskies?

    You take care, too, Dan!

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