I love that word. Not only does it sound cool, but it looks pretty neat written. Look up there, doesn’t the “phyt” really jump out at ya? Myself, I think it looks a lot cooler than endocannabinoid. Maybe it’s ‘cuz the “endo” part reminds me of a horrific bicycle incident when I was a child. Bad memories, man…

I read the daily paper every morn. I sit up here and drink coffee and read email, forums, stuff, from awakening to 0700. At 0700 I go below and grab the paper from my porch, plop in my chair and drink more coffee — with my paper.

Along with the “news” there are several columns I read for entertainment value. One such column is Doc Donohue. The good doctor gives advise on corns, shingles, arthritis… You get it. I pulled together the following letter as a prank. Oh, I did mail it. The thing is, it doesn’t really fit the criteria. That is, I’m not asking for advise on what the foam in the toilet, produced from urinating, indicates (yes, it was a readers question). 

I’m thinking my lotto ticket has a better chance of hitting than the letter being published. Here, check it out:

Doc Donohue                                                                                                       11-25-11
PO Bx. 536475
Orlando, Florida, 32853-6475

Good day, Doc!
Hopefully this letter finds you well.

Say, I was wondering of your opinion on the efficacy of phytocannabinoids in the treatment of various maladies. If one does a search on PubMed using cannabis and cancer, pain, MS, or even diabetes one can view many abstracts that indicate phytocannabinoids have promise in the treatment of. The phytocannabinoids are known to be antimitogenic, antiangiogenic and proapototic. These properties make them extremely hopeful in the treatment of cancers, from  gliomas to breast to prostate.

I’ll note that GW Pharmaceuticals currently has a phyto-derivative in FDA phase three trials. Should those trials prove positive Sativex will be licensed for cancer patients whom opiates provide inadequate analgesia.

Do you find these discoveries and applications promising and exciting?

Thank you,

I was out at the picnic table telling a friend about my little prank. He suggested I send the letter to my legislators. I think it’s a lovely idea. In the next few days I’ll be changing the names and mailing them out. Yep, paper, envelope and stamp.

The responses, if any, should prove interesting, eh? What can I say? I’m feeling a bit mischievous, heh!


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