A Rant About “Medicinal Cannabis Cups”

You know, a cannabis cup? A competition between growers?

Now, before I get all foamy at the mouth here, know I’m in favor of cannabis legalization — period.  If you’ve browsed here a’tall then surely you’re aware of that. My bitch is about a blurring of the lines between “medicinal” and “recreational.”

A year or so ago a “clinic” owner up North had a cup. I recently read of a “medical” cup down Cali way, and just this morning, another across the river from me. 

I gotta cry, “BULLSHIT!” man. Gotta…

I’m sure by now you’re beginning to get an inkling of why. I’ll go ahead and confirm.

Say you would like to know the medicinal value of your lovingly tended plants. First, you would be the judge, given your particular malady. If you are plagued by pain and spasm, possibly one strain would work well for the pain, another for the spasm. Or not. If it’s “not” then obviously a person would be on the hunt for something effective. Maybe, even, attempt to breed toward that same end.

Now, how many medical cannabis cups have you seen where entries were based upon the efficacy for various ailments? John’s strain wins for pain relief. Jane’s wins for spasm. Alice’s wins for relief from Crohn’s…

I’m not aware of one. Are you?

Winners are based upon look, flavor and “WOW! That’s some good shit, man!” What the Hell does that have to do with medicinal cannabis?

“Medicinal cannabis cups” undermine the credibility of cannabis as a legitimate substance used in/as medicine. I surely wish folks would quit blurring the line with recreational use. It’s a black eye for folks whom truly depend upon the plant to treat their illness.

Am I out’a line, here?


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