More Moratorium Crap

So Clark County Washington has decided to extend the current moratorium on “cannabis collective gardens,” as are afforded by Washington law. I mean, the gardens are allowed. The current moratoriums in this state are bullshit.

My local paper, The Columbian, believes the moratoriums are a good idea. Oh, they don’t state the kiddies nor little kittens would be at risk. They’ve concern for county employees.

‘Scuse me? How the heck did county employees get mixed into this mess? Maybe because no one, not even news paper staff, bother to READ THE DAMNED LAW! oops sorry…

Here’s a link to The Columbian editorial:
What are you talking about?

Here’s my reply:
In response to The Columbian’s editorial column titled, Follow Federal Law: Know that cannabis will be a schedule I drug under the CSA just as long as those corporations that stand to lose millions (billions?), should it be rescheduled, have millions to spend to see that it isn’t.

Know that section RCW69.51A.140 of state law does not speak to “collective gardens,” but to dispensing and dispensaries. Under the law there is no requirement for a collective garden to be registered, licensed or zoned. Don’t let the current moratoriums fool you. They have no teeth. The municipalities are taking actions beyond their legal purview.

That being written then, there is no concern for county employees being prosecuted by the Department of Justice. The subject is moot.

What municipalities should be doing is making it clear they will enforce the current state law as  is written. RCW69.51A.085 is quite clear on the definition of a garden. A store front or any other “commercial” interest obviously is not its intent.

Won’t somebody please, oh please, do some research (read the law?!) and mine this mountain back down to a mole hill?

The Columbian has disappointed — being led by the nose…

Man, I really and truly don’t get it.
Cannabis is not the Monster Frankenstein. That propaganda died with Harry Anslinger. Refer Madness is not a documentary. Stop it!

Stop the madness.



  1. nailingit said,

    February 27, 2012 at 10:22 pm

    We’ve come a long way the last few years with regards to legalization. The powers that be are going out kicking and screaming because that’s all they know how to do. Keep on keeping on Drift. Society needs pit bulls like yourself on this subject so we won’t continue committing societal suicide with ideology based in the “just say no” generation.
    Conservatism is ruining our country, this is one more door that needs to be opened.

    Sorry I’m not offering more substance. (no pun intended) I’m not versed in the legalities and you are covering that base with expertise. Thank you for that. We should have a town hall with regards to this subject, no doubt law enforcement would tag vehicles and more. We live in a police state with regards to pot laws. I’m still a bit paranoid commenting here too much. I spent most of my adult life living in Vegas, where pot laws where some of the harshest in the country. Simple possession brought a felony charge and some po po knocks on the noggin’.

    • capndrift said,

      February 28, 2012 at 8:43 pm

      Nail, I really do believe business interests are behind the prohibition. I don’t wanna go all conspiracy theory. Hell, I don’t think I need to. Anyone with a little meat between their ears can count the companies that would suffer financial losses with the legalization of cannabis; both hemp and the psychoactive-slash-medicinal varieties( ‘Kay, I gotta take my shoes off… fair enough).

      Couple that along with human emotion. How many stories have you heard about Poor Little Johnny? They found him dead with a needle in his arm… I’m not trying to be facetious here. Dead Little Johnny’s are a real bummer. That shit sucks, man. A life wasted…

      And someone says something must be done! So laws are passed. So community groups form to protect all of the Little Johnnys. The community groups become national groups. “More laws! Harsher sentencing for the folks killing our Johnnys!” And those groups start receiving large donations. From large corporations. And the lobbyist bang on Congresspeoples’ desks. And money changes hands. And…

      We lost another Johnny today.

      The people with the best of intentions, those wanting to save as many Johnnys they possibly can, have been hoodwinked. Big business wants to save Johnny? Bullshit. Big business kills Johnny, Jane, Joan, Bill… every damned day. And announces the profits to the share holders quarterly.

      And turns around and donates money…

      With the end of drug prohibition (as we currently know it) how many jobs would be lost? Hey, I think it’s a valid question. What would be done with the private prisons? Mayhap, they could become a paid sanctuary for researchers and aspiring writers?

      Education, Nail. Education is key. I’d like to save Johnny myself. Or at least see a system set up whereby Johnny would have the opportunity to save himself.

      How do we stop this madness so there’s an opportunity for that to happen?

      • nailingit said,

        February 29, 2012 at 8:33 am

        Education, Nail. Education is key. I’d like to save Johnny myself. Or at least see a system set up whereby Johnny would have the opportunity to save himself.

        Right on! Couldn’t agree more. I think in part (and this is a giant piece of the pie) getting over the legal hemp hump is made more than difficult by Government entities who get big $$$ tax payer dollars to wage the “war on drugs”. Imagine how law enforcement budgets would shrink just by legalizing pot?

        I just thought of something. Seeing how the establishment has promoted Pot as a “gateway” drug for the last 90 fucking years, when recreational use does becomes legal, they’ll most likely use it as an excuse and demand even larger budgets due to projected increases of narcotic usage! And they won’t even bother to wear a rubber while doing it.

        How do we stop this madness so there’s an opportunity for that to happen?

        Tall order but here is a shot at it.

        At the people level $$$+political advocacy+education. I think you’re right on about corporations! Soulless entities, who at the end of the day care only about the bottom line and retaining power. $$$ (Money to buy them), political advocacy (money to buy them) education (money to fund it). I guess it’s what makes the world go round!

        At the end of the day, and at a real level, fuck it. Smoke it. Enjoy!


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