Okay, this isn’t really about Leukemia (RIP, Clay).  It’s about science. It’s about new discoveries and learning. Tangentially, perhaps, how science can be oh-so serendipitous.

If you really do want to read a rather lengthy paper on Leukemia and CBD click here:   Molecular Pharmacology.

The title scare ya? It is rather heavy, man. There’s two-bit words (in latin) and stuff I don’t have a clue what is. Stuff I don’t think this program will let me type even if I did know what the Hell it was.

The short story is, the CB2 system appears to control cell death. It’s called “apoptosis.” It’s an easy word to remember. I did, though I had to check the spelling. Cell death is important.

This day you can say good-bye to somewhere around 60 billion of them.

Don’t confuse apoptosis with necrosis. Don’t confuse necrosis with Alice Cooper (RIP Ethyl). Without apoptosis you wouldn’t have fingers. You started with flippers.

Wow, I’m all over the place here. Someone help me out… where was I?

Ah! Science, serendipity, systems…

See, it was back in ’64 when Mechoulam isolated THC from the plant. He had wondered what molecule could be providing the psychotropic effect. So then he wondered how/why THC could bind in the biology. It wasn’t until ’92 that Mechoulam (again) found it; Anandamide. Other molecules have been discovered since, and others are suspected.

We make chemicals (endocannabinoids) that are very similar to those found in cannabis (phytocannabinoids). The physiological systems, CB1 and CB2 can be manipulated.

We can tell cells to die. Cancer cells. Leukemia cells. Science moves slow. It’s coming though, man. The science is very encouraging.

And it’s ‘cuz’a cannabis, man.
We’d have not realized the systems involved, not at this time anyway, if Ol’ Raphael hadn’t wondered why/how people get stoned.


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