Dopes Kill

An old buddy of mine dropped me a mail the other day. An old buddy from the race track. The cat what set up this here blog for me — one’a them kind’a buddies. I wish he’d drop in, but he’s moved a bit further south in the last few years. I understand.

Crap, I’m wandering already and I’ve not even got off’a the ground.

It’s the damned hydrocodone.  Today’s been one of these rough ones. Oh, I’m not whining. I’m just saying…

So, my buddy sent me a link to the Oregon death toll. No, I’m not talking about the Uncle Bobs, who (whom?) everyone thought would be gone years ago. Dope dead. Fatal O.D.s. That’s what I’m talking about. Do a little dope and die. Like that.

Two hundred forty.

Heroin took the biggest toll at 143 individuals.

Just last week, in the county north of me, seven human beings killed themselves with heroin. That’s, like, one a day, right?

And so you’re thinking, What’s the big deal? 150 junkies pushed a bit too much dope…

Hold that thought. I gotta go grab another beer.

(Crack!) Kay, I’m back. In today’s paper (The Columbian) there was a front page, Painkiller sales soar across the nation. Pharmacies doled out the equivalent of 69 tons of Oxycodone in 2011 and 42 tons of hydrocodone in 2010 (thanks!). 14,800 people died in 2008 from Oxy and Vicodin overdose.

Pharmacy robberies are up, and the robbers aren’t after the money. They want the dope. The opiates.

How the hell am I going to tie together prescription opiate sales and heroin you might be wondering. I mean, there have been junkies since, well since there was something to get high on, right?



Suppose opiates were being prescribed a bit freely. Oh, I’m not looking to slam the medical profession. One of those folks’ job is to mitigate pain, right? ‘It hurts? Here, take these pills, it won’t hurt as bad.’ A month later dude/dudette is a stone cold junky. He/she has to have the dope, man. It get’s terribly uncomfortable without the dope. Hey, I’m here to tell ya it does. In ten years I’ve run out of Vicodin once. Once. I’m a junky.

But I haven’t escalated. I take less today then I did two years ago. I am trying to become physically dependant on a drug that isn’t addicting. Yeah doc, chew on that one.

Shit. Wandering again. It might be the alcohol now… Back to tying this knot.

To get prescription opiates one must have the docs ‘script, or steal them. A ‘script junky will rifle their neighbors’ bathroom cabinets, rob a pharmacy, or (quite possibly) realize that heroin is a hell of a lot easier to come by.

It’s a fuckin’ win-win, man!

The pharmaceutical outfits are peddling the shit by the (literal) tons and law enforcement is making buko bucks (from the tax payers) by enforcing the Controlled Substances Act!

Nah, I’m not high. I’m comfortably numb, thank you. Numb is good for me. It kills the pain.

The pain of reality.

Won’t someone please end this madness?


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