This evening I had planned to write of a New England scientist who’s been fighting the DEA to grow his own cannabis for research. I’d heard something about a hearing being held this last 11th of the month. It ‘ll be a good “prohibition” post – when I write it.

The bull riding came on and I bailed off. She and I enjoy watching the PBR (Pro Bull something another with an R).  As I was headed to my chair, a commercial for that five-hour thing, was on. You know, that stuff in the little bottle you knock back and are then one productive individual for 5 hours? I’ve seen ’em time and again. Thought nothing of it.

And I sat down with my beer and peppered jerky and commenced to watching young men get the crap knocked out of themselves for 8 seconds. Or not. I know the cowboys’ names, She knows those of the bulls. Put that in your therapy session and smoke it.

And I began to notice the sponsors. Oh, I’m sure I did previously, but something sparked something this time around.

The guys would come out of the arena and someone would hand them a bottle of “rock something another.” I sorta wondered how much that was worth ($) to the cowboy. I mean, what if it tastes like shit? What if you didn’t want to get jacked-up? I’m pretty sure  “rock whatever” is an “energy” drink.

And I noticed the sponsor patches on one fella’s protective vest as he was sitting on some ranc bull, tieing his rope. There was a logo in lime green. The graphic was of three score marks. Not something a bear might do to a tree, but more like the monster Godzilla.  Another drink that’s supposed to give a person a boost.

So, basically, within one 1/2 hour I saw three advertisements for legal speed.

I was somewhat puzzled over why I had some odd niggling in the back of my mind, and then it hit me. Earlier I’d read an article about methamphetamine production in the Middle East. Yeah, Iran, Pakistan, places like that. Sure, everyone is familiar with the Afghani poppy business, but speed…?

See, crank (meth) is taking such a social/health toll in the world that the main chemicals used to brew the crap are on a watch list. But the folks in places like Pakistan haven’t been paying much attention. The Narcotics Control Board (U.N.) has though.

There are legitimate uses for ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. Thing is, when a country goes from bringing in 10,000 kilos of pseudo to 48,000 kilos in three years… well, those folks aren’t using that much cold medication, know what I mean?

And in case that wasn’t plain enough, Iran coppers going from busting two crank kitchens (meth labs) in 2008 and 166 two years later… well, okay, maybe they just didn’t look very hard in 2008. I’m thinking the dope trade in the Middle East is diversifying. That’s what I think.

Yes indeed, I do believe the Middle East is jumping into the market with Hansen, Weiner, Mateschitz and those folks in Farmington Hills*. I wonder what sort of logo and jingle they’ll come up with?

Okay, that was just all smartass. I’m sure you realized that. Thing is, I can’t help, but wonder about the human condition. The companies I almost, but didn’t**, mention above make millions of dollars a year from their products, “energy drinks”.  Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that. And I don’t know of anyone that’s ever robbed a person so they could score their next energy drink… Crank aint caffeine.

Still, I have this niggling in the back of my mind. Why do energy drinks sell in the billions and meth is one hell of a problem today?

Could it be something in the water?

**That’s because I do down here.
*Monster, Rockstar, Red Bull and 5-hour Energy (respectively)



  1. David.. :) said,

    May 26, 2012 at 10:12 am

    Lest we not forget Jack 3-D for a real pre-workout ziiiing..;)

    • capndrift said,

      May 28, 2012 at 5:38 pm

      I’ve been giving this a bit more thought as I wander the backyard aimlessly. I can’t come up with a single product that promises to put the consumer out in no time. I mean “out” as in asleep.

      Oh, sure, there are sleep aids on many a shelf. I’m thinking those are all pill type concoctions. I’m writing of a product similar to “energy drinks,” but with the opposite effect.

      I’m speaking of a product that promises, “Drink this and you will be unconscious in 30 minutes. You will remain so for six hours minimum.”

      I don’t think something like that is out there. Pretty sure.

      And see, that was what I was alluding to when I mentioned the “human condition.” Though, frankly I don’t know I used the right words. What I’m attempting to insinuate is, a motivated person is a successful person. To be motivated you gotta be a go getter. You gotta grab the bull by the horns. You gotta…

      And the drinks sell. And an antihistamine is boiled down to an addictive drug that pillages the synapses of the brain, leaving charred ruins… husks of the individuals.

      Is it the wiring of the reward system of the brain that’s at fault?
      Or is it society?
      Are they related?
      Does it matter?

      … off to wander…

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