I thought I’d done this one all-the-ready. ‘Least, I thought I’d titled a post “Monopoly.” Hell, I even sort of remember the content therein. Sorta.

But then, it could be I had the gist of it pulled together at the switches electro/chemically operated in my brain and didn’t flip the handle. There was  bull riding the other night on the tee vee. I was all set to write this thing, and then… she yelled at me, “Marchi is in the chute! He’s on Bushwacker!”

Man, I had to go. I didn’t want to miss that!

I do so enjoy watching the bull riding. Why, if I was in a bit better shape…
Stop your chortling. You’re scaring the pets.

Lyle Craker is one of those “Professor Cats.” He’s a plant guy at the University of Massachusetts Amherst…
Crap, now my browser just crashed. I had five different reference tabs going to pull this damned post together. I’m not going to dig that shit back up. I’ll wing it. If you catch a goof, by all means speak up. here’s the gist of it:

Back around 2001 the Prof applied to get approval to grow cannabis for research purposes. As we  are all aware (I’m sure) the University of Mississippi is currently the only facility licensed to grow the weed. Oh, and, that cannabis is really tough to get your hands on. By “your” I’m speaking researchers, not you and me. By-the-by, that’s where the federal cannabis patients get their stuff from. You know — those tins?

Wanna do some work that’ll prove cannabis can damage a six-year-old’s brain? NIDA (National Institute On Drug Abuse) will be more than happy to UPS you some of that Mississippian. Wanna do some work proving the efficacy of cannabis in treating MS? You’re kidding, right? Piss up a rope.

You can’t grow it and we’ll Bogart ours, that’s NIDA’s stance.

Lyle didn’t want their inferior product in the first place. Lyle (the plant guy remember) wanted to grow his own and do his own research. So, he sent the paperwork to the DEA.  The DEA told Doc Craker to pack sand. The prof said no. And the legal juggling began. Extensions, appeals, bullshit and bullshit.

In and amongst this bullshit I find a couple of things interesting. One is, in 2011 the DEA issued a final order rejecting a DEA Administrative Judge’ 2007 recommendation that giving Ol’ Lyle a license to grow cannabis for research would be in the public interest.

Yeah, read that again. I wrote that a DEA Administrative judge’s opinion was kicked to the curb by the DEA. No, I don’t know how that works, either.

Something else that has me scratching my head…
In 2011 (after this bull has been going on, like, forever) a lawyer outfit jumped in and offered to help out the group who was wanting to do the research with Lyle’s plants. MAPS is the acronym of the research group. Covington and Burling the law outfit. Covington and Burling are reported to be one of the foremost law firms representing the pharmaceutical industry.

What is the pharm-representing outfit’s motivation? At first glance it appears to be a conflict of interest. I’m not quite “getting it.” Then, I’m no business man and I don’t play chess worth a shit either.

May 11th of this year a U.S. Court of Appeals heard the oral arguments in the Craker vs. DEA lawsuit. We should have a decision before too long. I heard something would be announced around three months from the afore-mentioned hearing date.

Oh, that research? The work MAPS wants to do with the plants Lyle would grow? A mental health center in Israel has done some studies utilizing cannabis in treating PTSD. They came up with positive results. MAPS would like to pursue the effort here in the states. The FDA has approved.

Today – while I swilled beer and pitched horseshoes with my buddies – 18 military veterans took their own lives.

Marchi was bucked off in three-point-six seconds.
Bushwacker chucked him into the shit.


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