Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research

This might be old news for some. Okay, one of the three of ya. It was prepared Feb. of ’10.

“In 1999, the California legislature passed and Governor Gray Davis signed SB847, which commissioned the University of California to establish a scientific research program to expand the public scientific knowledge on purported therapeutic usages of marijuana.

“We hereby submit this report of our scientific findings pursuant to this objective.”

Wanna read the synopsis? CMCR

Have you noticed how cannabis comes up again and again as an agent for relief in neurological disorders? And I’m not just speaking of neuropathic pain. I’ve an acquaintance with the onset of Parkinson’s who’s  begun taking a canna-cap every other night. He’s experiencing a significant decline in tremors.

I find it interesting there appears to be a “correct” dose of cannabis for analgesia. One of the studies indicates a “Goldilocks” effect (my words). It seems lower doses don’t get it done. High doses make things worse. A medium dose… works.

The brief report is just that. It only takes ten minutes or so to run through. There aren’t any in-depth studies, just conclusions with a bit of background. Hell, if you have the time to read this, you’ve the time to skim that. Check it out!

“Results of CMCR studies support the likelihood that cannabis may represent a possible adjunctive avenue of treatment for certain difficult-to-treat conditions like neuropathic pain and spasticity. In establishing the University of California CMCR, the California Legislature enabled the creation of what is now arguably a world-class resource both for state-of-the-art clinical trials on medicinal cannabis and its derivatives, and for developing knowledge on the potential and limitations of cannabinoid therapeutics for selected indications. By facilitating high caliber clinical trials, whose results are published in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals, the CMCR is providing physicians and policy makers with solid scientific data to inform both medical research and policy decisions. As a seasoned and unique resource, the CMCR is well-positioned to inform public health and policy decision-makers.”


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