The 1,000 Foot Rule

What the hell is that?!

If you read the papers and or other periodicals you’re most likely aware the Feds have been shutting down (forfeiture threats) cannabis dispensaries (in various states) that are within 1,000 feet of a school.

This is so twisted on so many levels.

First off let me give kudos  to the various federal attorneys sending out the warning letters. This little stunt, along with threatening banks that handle cannabis enterprises, is a stroke of genius. How much does a few sheets of paper, a bit of ink and postage cost? With the stroke of a pen (so to speak) dispensaries are folding like a house of cards. Somebody give the originator of this scheme an award!

But, is shutting down only (mostly?) those business’ within the 1,000 feet give de facto permission to those outside that boundary? The attorneys aren’t going there. They’re keeping those cards close stating they’ll intervene anywhere they choose. State laws be damned.

After all, we must think of the children…

Okay, so let’s do that; think of the kiddies.

Though teenage cannabis use has slightly increased over the last several years, there is absolutely no evidence states with medicinal laws have more stoned kids than those without medicinal use laws. Actually, one study (by MPP) indicates medicinal states have a lower rate of teen use. 

The attorneys say shutting down dispensaries located near schools sends a clear message. I’m not entirely sure what they think that message is. Me, I see it as a further perpetuation of “The Big Lie.”

Pharmacies aren’t required to be farther than a thousand feet from a school. Opiate pain-killer abuse is a real issue in this country. “Opiate pain killer,” hmm, is there a pun there somewhere?

Near my home there’s a 7-11 directly across the street from an athletic field. Frequently the little tykes are out there playing soccer, football etc. I wonder if they are aware that a few scant feet from them are hundreds of packs of cigarettes, thousands of cans of beer, hundreds (?) of bottles of wine? The horror. My gawd!

Oh, and those federal attorneys might be interested to know there’s a very high likelihood there’s more cannabis available through the young entrepeneurs sitting in those classrooms than there is from the dispensary down the street.

Hey, I’ve got an idea… How about we quit trying to “send messages” to kids? How about we start a new novel tact? What do you think about solid, truthful education on the subject?

Yeah, I guess that’s a wacky idea.


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