Sheet, man.

I’m on an email list for aspiring writers. Yeah, I got that one book out, but I’m still aspiring to be a good story-teller. I think there’s a bit of a difference between a “writer” and a “teller.”  Don’t tell those guys over on the email list. They’ll be on to my mad plan to take over the world of literature.

I got a mail from an acquaintance on the list. Hell, she’s more than an acquaintance. She helped with a shit load of editing on that afore-mentioned book.  She’s also the “list owner” of the afore-mentioned aspiring writers email list. And a librarian to boot.

She’s also is aware of my cannabis “activism.”  She sent me the following link: Body Horrors

Body Horrors is kind of cool, man.  Truthfully, I didn’t do any more than read the post linked above and the “about” page. I’ll go back later and browse. Right now I wanna write my own blog post. I’ll get lost in infectious diseases and their social impact when, you know, like, when I can focus.

Did you go to the link? If you did you’ll know it’s about a salmonella outbreak related to cannabis. Shit cannabis, actually.

Back in ’81 there was this outbreak of salmonella in Ohio, Michigan, Georgia and Alabama. It vexed the folks who deal with that kind of stuff because it wasn’t in the spinach. I mean, like, it’s always the spinach, right? It was in the pot.

So… I was thinking, This is a blog, man. People say what they want on blogs. I do it all the damn time… Not to question Ms. Kreston’s credibility mind you, but it’s a blog. So, I went checking her references.  Here’s the New England Journal of Medicine abstract:

Sheet weed

Well, the rotten black-market bastards. To bring up the package weight the sons-a-bitches tossed manure in with it!

Here’s the screwed up thing about salmonella, it travels. If I have it on my hand and touch yours and you in turn put it to your mouth… If I transfer it to a fork and you… It travels. Oh yeah, you read the links, huh? You know that. I was just passing that along for that laze over there. The one that didn’t link.

And this is where I draw a parallel to days of  alcohol prohibition. Sorta.

Oh you know the way of it – it’s old news – folks going blind from contaminated equipment or even dying from methanol poisoning. A little brown shoe polish makes bourbon, right?

And today, over in England…  What’s that crap with the dog turds and ground glass that’s shown up over there? What’a they call it, “soap?” It’s supposed to be some sort of cannabis thing , but it’s poison.

All a result of prohibition, man. Brown shoe polish bourbon, fecal in the plant matter… Molecules that were never intended to leave the lab sprayed on herbs and sold as incense – the ruthless entrepeneur knowing some kid will smoke it and freak the fuck out.



Please, please, let’s stop this.


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