Living in a Petri Dish…

Called Washington State.

Yeah, yeah, I know Colorado passed their cannabis “legalization” measure. I don’t live in Colorado though, ‘kay? ‘Kay.

So what’s going to come climbing out of this thing. Are the proper controls in place to keep it from escaping?  I sure as hell hope not.

The prez has said his “administration” doesn’t intend to interfere, though we haven’t heard from the Justice Department and the DEA, yet. What we keep hearing is the federal government won’t use resources to prosecute “users.” “Users” has been a key word since California passed the medicinal law.

The Justice Department says they get after distributors, not users. Of course they don’t go after users. NIDA (National Institute On Drug Abuse) tells us there are 15.2 million abusers  within any month in this country. Chasing that, is down right impossible.

Medicinal dispensaries are an easy target if an agency wants to knock down a few distributors though, eh?

So what are the feds telling us about retail sales in Washington?
Not a fucking thing.

But Congress is going to start talking about it. That’s what I’ve read, anyway. No, I’m not sure what the hell that means either. Other than finally the prohibition of cannabis is a hot topic these days. More importantly, a hot political topic. This is good, yes?

What of pre-employment drug screening? We all know it’s been biased against cannabis users – the U.A. being the “gold standard.” Obviously, a blood test is a bit more invasive. Will employers start asking for blood (the sweat and tears comes later) for screening? How else to tell if a person has abused, er, used cannabis ‘recently.?’ You know damn well the testing industry is scrambling to come up with some sort of alternative. This is good, yes?

What of “pain patients” engaged in a narcotics contract with a health agency? We’ve all heard stories about folks taking prescribed opiates having them withdrawn due to a positive U.A. for cannabis. That’s normally part of a “contract” – pissing in the cup. Will that continue in the state of Washington?

What if the patient lives in a neighboring state?

How will this affect endocannabinoid research? Will scientists flock here so they can work with phytocannabinoids rather than synthetics? Are pharmaceutical outfits looking at the taxing structure of the state as I type? Big employers get big breaks, right?

Where and how will cannabis be scheduled under the CSA?

Are Washington and Colorado in violation of a U.N. treaty?

In the near future will I be able to walk into a store and buy a three-finger bag of pot? That 20 pack of joints many of us have anticipated?

Is the world watching?

Sound the alarm! It’s alive! It’s moving… escaping from the dish! It just ate my snickers bar!

Yeah, okay, that was rather adolescent of me. The snickers bar part. These days I prefer unsweetened dark chocolate.

Seriously though folks, we are witnessing, and a part of, history. It’s been 75 years in the coming. I’m excited.


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  1. January 15, 2013 at 6:21 pm

    […] I posted before about a few of the possible implications with the new Washington and Colorado recreational cannabis laws. It was just a bit ago… oh, here it is: […]

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