The Brookings Institute

Now that I’ve done a bit of research on the outfit I suppose I’m embarrassed to write I’d never heard of them. They appear to be a big deal. They’re a hundred-year-old think tank.

Tell me the truth, after reading that last sentence did you have a vision of algae growing in the corners of an aquarium?

Do you now?

“…most influential, most quoted and most trusted think tank in the world.”

They ‘prolly have housekeeping deal with the weeds, eh? Weeds? Heh! Quite the segue, eh? Okay, not. Not, because I’m going to keep blithering on before I get to the meat of this post.

I posted before about a few of the possible implications with the new Washington and Colorado recreational cannabis laws. It was just a bit ago… oh, here it is:

Brookings recently had a panel discussion on the matter. These would be the smart people, mind you. Them what’s supposed to know what they’re talking about. The brainiacs touched on a few of those issues I mentioned in that previous post. C-SPAN video’d the discussion. It’s a bit long at a tad over an hour and a half, but I found the opinions most interesting.

I figured one’a y’all might find something in it, to give some thought to. So I’m posting a link to the video.


They discuss everything from the DOJ’s role to Congress to… well, state experiments. I’d recommend you check it out when you’ve the time to spare.
Most interesting.


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