Is it Time for Another Letter?

Sure, why not, eh?

I’ve probably already mentioned I read the local paper (The Columbian) every morning. If not, then I suppose I have now. I have my coffee, check my email lists and the various forums I’ve interest in. Mrs. D. leaves for work at about 0700, five days a week. We kiss at the door and she hands me the paper. I kick the cat out of my chair, settle in and pull the comics out setting them aside. I read those in another room.

The Flat-Earthers* are hysterical over Washington State’s Initiative 502. They cry it will be the doom of our children. The poor younguns are destined to become drug addicts and idiots. NIDA studies are quoted. Doomed…

I can only take so much before I gotta bust something loose. The following appeared on the editorial page here a while back:

A series of recent letters from cannabis legalization opponents have me scratching my head. In my opinion their arguments are in direct conflict with their intent: reducing juvenile cannabis use.

First, their contention is usually that cannabis is a “gateway” drug. This is ludicrous on a number of levels. More studies have discredited this theory than have supported it. There are other issues with it that I can’t delve into here.

Secondly, there’s the study resulting in a correlation between juvenile cannabis abuse and I.Q. reduction. That study is currently being questioned by research peers. Know the argument is a bit of a straw man in the first place because I know of no one in favor of teens “smoking out.”

Put out your torches, folks. Put down the pitch forks. Try to think logically rather than emotionally.

Cannabis regulation through legalization and (honest) education are our best tools in reducing juvenile cannabis abuse (the right tool for the right job, right?). Not hysterical proselytizing from a pulpit constructed of emotionally charged vituperation.

I‘d recommend to these folks taking a hard look at their current tactics. Record shows us the efficacy of the method to be worse than useless.

For 76 years the Flat-Earthers have been beating the same drum, “Marihuana…Assasin of youth!” It’s estimated 6.5% of high school seniors smoke cannabis regularly (NIDA numbers ;^). One would think if those numbers aren’t acceptable, then maybe it’s time to try something else?

One would think, eh?


*not to be confused with the true Flat-Earthers:




  1. David Maupin said,

    February 3, 2013 at 11:08 am

    I don’t know, this post by ‘a top commenter’ got 7 likes on Facebook 😉 I read from a Facebook friend’s of the shooters posts that: ‘Zane McNamee said: he was into pills and shit like that he wasnt doping wtf ‘
    By doping I assume meth or heroin is the reference, pills aren’t considered ‘doping’ these days I guess. I never saw any reference made to his Cannabis use anywhere.

    James Edmondson · Top Commenter
    “[LeBard] wonders how the night might have turned out differently if he had gone back to the shop, confronted the teen and turned him over to police.”

    Sir, he may have shot you in the face. He had already tried to kill one person and threatened numerous others with that firearm. He’d crossed the line.
    And where is the vigil for Bill Toohey? Remember him, the guy this sweet little lad shot and left for dead? If these people cared so much, why did this teenaged menace go on a crime spree? Maybe there were early signs of this antisocial behavior, before his arrest for counterfeiting. Did no one see the path he was on? Or was the arrest a trigger to do bigger things? Maybe being locked up changed his perspective for the worse. Or, as earlier reports indicated, smoking dope affected his developing brain.

    There’s just something wrong with this world when a group of people get together to honor a dead criminal. An attempted murderer, robber and thief. I understand a parent’s grief and guilt, but have the decency to do it in private.

    “Study Finds Regular Marijuana Use Damages Teenage Brains”.

    • capndrift said,

      February 3, 2013 at 5:22 pm

      Well, you’ve confused the hell out of me, David. I’m not sure where you’re going with your comment.

      It appears you are attempting to make a tenious association between a young man’s sociopathic behavior and drug (but not necessarily cannabis) abuse.

      What that has to do with the subject at hand, I’ve not the foggiest.

      You _do_ offer a link to Psycholology Today that discusses the study led by Madeline Meier. That would be the I.Q. thing.

      I don’t see anything in there related to sociopathing behavior. The insinuation is more along the lines of, dumber’n a box a’ rocks.

      While we’re talking about the study though: the cat what has a problem with it is an economist. Yeah, I know that sounds a bit peculiar, but once you read Rogeberg’s reservations it makes sense. There’s a pretty good article in the Denver Post explaining it.

      And again, what does the possible effects cannabis abuse might have on the adolescent brain have to do with the pseudo legalization of cannabis in Washington State? Oh, that’s right… now MORE kids are going to smoke pot.

      Lets see, 76 years of prohibition and here we are talking about kids’ cannabis abuse. I’m thinking that whole prohibition thing hasn’t worked out to hot. I’m thinking maybe it’s time to take a different tact.

      Oh, look! This is interesting!


      • capndrift said,

        February 3, 2013 at 7:10 pm

        Okay, now I get it, Dave.
        Everything from “James Edmondson – Top Commenter” is a paste from the Columbian’s article about the kid whose crime spree ended when the cops shot him to death.

        Edmondson (not you) then links to the I.Q. study.

        “Flat-earthers.” I get it. Sometimes I’m a bit slow, but (usually) if you give me a minute…

  2. David Maupin said,

    February 3, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    Edmonson and a few of the others on the Facebook side, and the Basement too, kinda crack me up sometimes. I know I should have referenced the source.. 😉

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