Pot and Pregnancy

Allow me to preface this by saying I’m not advocating anyone do anything, okay? And, I’ll add a disclosure, I’ve never been pregnant. Not even just a little bit.

This is another one of those posts that could go in this category or that other one. I flipped a coin.

In today’s paper there was brief blurb about a new drug approved by the FDA. It’s aimed at preventing/minimizing morning sickness in pregnant people. It’s called Diclegis. No, I’m not making that up. I just checked the spelling.

To quote the article:
“In announcing its decision to approve the drug for the U.S. market, the FDA’s center for drug evaluation and research said the active ingredients in Diclegis do not impose any increased risk to a fetus.”

Now, point your searchshit to “Thalidomide.”

Now, point it at studies done down in Jamaica by a Doc Dreher.

Okay you laze, I’ll give you a quick brief.

Thalidomide was peddled as a nausea treatment from 1957 to ’62. It was bad news, man. I’m talking an arm growing out of newborn’s chest type of bad news. The birth defects were rampant. We’re talking 10,000 younguns born screwed up over 46 countries – directly attributed to Thalidomide. Bad, bad shit. FDA approved bad shit (like that’s news, right?).

When I read of the Dic stuff I couldn’t help, but recall the “T” thing. ‘Course, I wasn’t reading the papers back then. I mean, I was born in ’57. I probably wasn’t reading the news in ’62 either. Its infamous history, however…

Doc Dreher did a study down Jamaica way. She took a look at pregnant people what used cannabis across their term. Cannabis appears to work well, for many folks, as a treatment for pregnant puking.

What she found (granted, it’s a limited, one-off study) was cannabis was effective in dealing with many issues associated with pregnancy. She also didn’t find any abnormalities in the children. Matter of fact, she found them to be more social, easier to engage (I’m not making this up! Go look!). Nope, no arms growing out of their chests; nothing like that.

So, man… I gotta wonder…
If I were of the child-bearing sex, and having a tough time, would I reach for the cannabis or the pill bottle? And why would I have made that choice?

I’ll never know. I’ve had a vasectomy. I can’t have any more kids ;^)


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