In the Paper the Other Day…

…was this article by Fred Frommer with the Associated Press:

Testifying in Congress before the House Appropriations subcommittee Attorney General Holder opined on the Washington and Colorado recreational cannabis initiatives:

“When it comes to these marijuana initiatives, I think among the kinds of things we will have to consider is the impact on children,” along with factors such as violence connected to trafficking and organized crime.”

Your kidding me, right, Mr. Holder?

And then, a representative from Maryland, one Andy Harris, leaned on Holder with:

“Kids need clear messages and I’m afraid we’re not sending them one.”

Are these people living in a cave in some desolate, remote, far-flung piece of this planet? Man, they can’t really be from here. Can they?

The number of kids smoking pot, this very day, is directly related to the prohibition enacted…well, do we want to go clear back to ’37 or start at ’70? I’m pretty sure I’m on solid ground when I write that.

I mean, the federal law (the CSA) has been same-same since 1970, right? Some 43-years-ago. And more teens smoke pot in this country than most others. Most others – with rather lax cannabis laws. If I remember correctly the incidence of adolescent cannabis abuse in the Netherlands is 1/2 that in this country. Portugal’s is far less.

And what of that violence connected to trafficking? Is Holder speaking of the 50,000 dead Mexicans as a result of ex-president Calderon’s crack down on the cartels? That violence?

Whether it be some “illuminati” group, corporations, or the extraterrestrial aliens who decided to attempt to eradicate cannabis, and thereby its use…I’ve a news bulletin for you: It didn’t work. People are glimpsing behind the curtain. It isn’t a lost befuddled old man they are seeing, but an evil mechanization.

The message to our children is quite clear, Representative Harris. What we have told them is our industrial prison complex is more important than they are. We are telling them we’d rather tear families apart; arresting in the neighborhood of 720,000 people annually for simple possession; we would rather support the corporations that have flourished under our draconian laws.

We’ve told them we are liars. Willing to sacrifice our young in order to maintain the status quo. That is our clear message.

Will you people please stop? It’s for the children…


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