I’ve previously mentioned about studies, basically, studying studies. The subject of this post is a study of a health survey.

As you may read (from the link to follow) the National Health and Nutrition Survey is the basis for the data. Data that indicates cannabis smokers have a lower rate of diabetes, insulin resistance and are thinner than non-smokers. Oh, and their levels of HDL-C tended to be higher. HDL is the good cholesterol

No, I’m not making this up. The full text can be found at The American Journal of Medicine.

The authors of the report state they aren’t sure of the why and how of it. They mention the eCB1 system and murine studies where Rimonabant* (a CB1 antagonist) improved insulin sensitivity, and an increase in adiponectin levels. Adiponectin is a protein that regulates glucose. They cite a fat rat study (the kind with a tail) where the administration of cannabis resulted in both weight reduction and an increase in the panreas mass. The pancreas makes insulin.

I find this stuff fascinating.

I have to wonder though: the sampled subjects were cannabis smokers. I’d like to see a similar study with those who ingest cannabis through the gut. Inhaled cannabinoids go directly to the brain and then are metabolized by the liver. Ingested cannabinoids go to the liver first (metabolizing into 11-hydroxy) then to the brain.

Fascinating, I tell ya.

*Rimonabant was a “weight loss drug.” It was pulled from the market. Too many suicides.


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