Betting the Pharm

I’ve mentioned my mixed opinions about pharmaceutical outfits in the past. On one hand, I think they’ve had a hand in the prohibition of cannabis for all of these years. On the other, who else is going to do phytocannabinoid research? Certainly not me. I keep trying, but as yet no one has donated the testing equipment. I got a stove top range and a bottle of alcohol. That’s it.

And don’t worry. I use both separately. Pretty much.

If you’ll look at the post just before this (in the medicinal cannabis category) you’ll see I wrote of a nasty pediatric form of epilepsy called “Dravet Syndrome.” I told about families in Utah petitioning their legislature to allow them to legally treat their children with a phytocannabinoid extract of CBDs – because it’s working for a bunch of other kids.

There’s a side story here about “Dravet Families” moving to Colorado – by the droves – in order to help their kids. But that aint what I’m writing about. This is what I’m writing about:


My post about the extracted CBDs is dated 10/16/13. The release about Epidiolex is dated 11/14/13.

And I’m going to let this post lie right here.


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