Civil War?

No, that’s not quite right. When I think “Civil War” I think brother fighting brother. That whole North manufacturing thing vs. the South’s agricultural thing. Yeah, there was that whole slave thing, too, but that wasn’t what that war was about – this post either. Nope, this isn’t about the enslaved Irish a’tall.

It’s about puritanical elected officials ignoring the will of the people. “Puritanical” isn’t right either. The word just keeps coming to mind because I read it on a note. A note like a kid might pass to another in the classroom. Only, I was at a public meeting held by my state Representatives and Senator. A cute girl with braids passed it to me. She called the Powers That Be in Clark County (Washington) “puritanical.”

This is less about puritans and more about botanicals. Yes, I’m getting closer to the meat of this thing. Is that about all of the food groups? Yes, we do have cheese. ☺

The voters in this state passed an initiative called I-502. If you’re reading this, then I’m quite confident you’re hip to 502. I’ll not bore you with an overview.

And the rubber, she meets the road.
And the stench is sickening (imagine a big cloud of black smoke).

The Washington State Liquor control Board is in the process of issuing licenses for the growing, processing and retail sales of cannabis to the general public. Crazy, huh? Heh.

The municipal bans and moratoria on this activity are widespread across the state. The cities and counties claim they need direction from the state. They claim they don’t know how to zone these activities. They claim…

I was reading in the paper just a week ago the brewfest in downtown didn’t have quite the turnout the sponsors had hoped. They’re planning on investing a bit more into marketing for the next event. In the same paper I was reading about some sort of state legislation being required so wine outfits could peddle their fermented grapes in those “growler” things. No one batted an eye. Nary a peep.

Mention pot, though, and all of the sudden it’s about promises made. Promises made by elected officials to an entity that didn’t elect them. Trippy, eh?

I’ve seen it more than once. This last time prompted me to take to the keyboard. Oh, I haven’t gotten a reply. I won’t. They don’t. This I sent to the Clark County Commissioners:

Good day, Commissioners.
Though I’ve included Commissioner Stuart in this communiqué it is directed at Commissioner Mielke and the Commissioner of my district, Mr. Madore.

I am writing in response to your statements regarding recreational cannabis businesses in Clark County; statements you made to people testifying on the subject at the meeting 12-10-13.

In the future, gentlemen, when a citizen broaches the subject –in the interest of transparency – I would ask you be honest in your statement. I would simply ask you reply you are staunch prohibitionists and will not entertain the thought of legitimate cannabis businesses operating in your back yard. That is the plain truth, isn’t it?

Mr. Mielke, and Mr. Madore, you both like to hide behind your sworn oath to uphold federal law. That’s normally your “easy out.” Have either of you ever questioned any ‘authority figure?’ In your lifetimes have you ever stopped and asked, “Wait a minute…”

Citizens in this Republic have the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. Organizations have been petitioning the government for well over twenty years to remove cannabis from Schedule I and address the oppressive cannabis law(s), to no avail. As I write this an individual will be arrested on a cannabis related charge every 32 seconds (average). Of those currently incarcerated for cannabis violations 80% are for simple possession.

Civil disobedience has a long history in this country; from that Boston thing to the civil rights movement of the ‘50s to… Well, you get it. That’s the way it works in a Republic gentlemen. “…of the people, by the people, for the people…”

What’s going on in Colorado and here is an extreme case of civil disobedience. We aren’t talking a few students demonstrating on a campus. We are talking the citizens of two states. Citizens who’ve repeatedly asked for change and been ignored, citizens whose families have been torn apart by a draconian (and some say racist) set of laws.

And, so you say you’ve sworn fealty to a government body, so therefore the health and welfare of the citizens governed under that republic have no standing? This is my interpretation.

So, in the interest of integrity, please don’t hide behind an oath. Tell the testifier the truth, you are a prohibitionist and have no interest in discussing the matter.

Oh, and Commissioner Madore, that whole tangent about addiction merely cements my opinion of your myopic views. Yes, about one in ten regular cannabis users will become psychologically addicted (there is no physical addiction). This “addiction” is about on par with caffeine. The myth about cannabis leading to ‘harder drugs’ has been debunked in several reputable studies. I ask you again, sir, please educate yourself in the matter.

Yeah, yeah, I know, “Vote the bums out!” I wonder if a change could be made so the next bums swear an oath to the citizens they represent? Crazy, huh? Heh.


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