I Suppose it’s a Start…Anyway

As you might be aware, Congress recently passed the contentious Farm Bill and the prez signed it. No, no, I’m not gonna go all ‘food stamps’ and ‘subsidies’ on ya. That’s getting into a political arena I’d rather not enter. There was a hemp provision in the thing. From what I’ve read on the news services the provision got in as an amendment. I haven’t read the thing, I’ve just picked up on it from internet – so I know it must be true.

From what I understand, states that previously passed legislation allowing the cultivation of hemp will be allowed to do so. With a few restrictions, of course.

The hemp growing is approved only for research by universities or state agencies. Research? You gotta be kiddin’ me! Hemp isn’t some exotic plant from out of the Amazon. Before that whole fiasco in 1937 folks had been growing hemp for, uh, for…like 10,000 years! Heck, it’s currently grown in Canada, China and Europe.


Well, if this is the way it’s gotta be (here) then I’d recommend the agriculture majors get a copy of Lyster Dewey’s diaries. There’s near twenty-five year’s worth of notes related to hemp in the things.

You guys know Lyster, right? He was a botanist for the United States Department of Agriculture at the turn of the 20th century. Fibre was his thing.

Kymington, Yarrow, Tochigi, Tochimington, Keijo and Chinamington. I wonder wich of those varieties are commonly referred to as “ditch weed.” With all the hemp growing done here at one time, it’s not surprising some of it ‘got away.’

Yeah, I suppose it’s a start.


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