I’ve been busy

AND a bit lazy, too, I’m afraid. I haven’t posted anything in ages AND there’s a lot going on.

Colorado and Washington State peddling weed from retail outlets is old news now, though Washington’s stores just recently opened their doors. Colorado got a jump on Washington (though both laws were enacted close together) because it had a medicinal dispensary system already in place. Washington is currently a cannabis ‘mess.’

Many of Washington’s municipalities have outright banned anything to do with cannabis, leaving just a smattering of retail stores, producers and processors. Washington hasn’t had a legal system for distributing cannabis (medicinally) from the inception of I-692 (medweed) in 1998 so there was no ‘foundation’ for the recreational arena.

Even at an astronomical price per gram (gram?!) supply can’t keep up with demand and the retailers are threatening the producers with a lawsuit for price gouging and fixing. No really, man. I’m not joking. I surely do wish I was.

Tie that with the State Legislature getting ready to hose medicinal users, basically gutting the current law that I-692 became (69.53A), and it really gets crazy. AND scary.

Certain legislators are using the retiring Western Washington U.S. attorney’s (Jenny Durkan) veiled threat to take action if the state didn’t get its medicinal system in order to force ‘patients’ into the hobbled recreational system. No really, man. I’m not joking. I surely do wish I was.

And the really twisted thing is, all of this could have been avoided if the governor (Gregoire) back in 2011 (I think it was) hadn’t line item vetoed a bill passed by the legislature (E2SSB 5073) that would have revamped the medweed law (69.51A) to allow and regulate medicinal cannabis dispensing.

Folks in Washington who use cannabis in the treatment of their malady about to get royally hosed when the legislature convenes.

But enough about my problems…

There’s that doc down at the U. of A. who got canned because she pissed off a couple of state legislators (‘least one, anyway). Well, she also had worked for four years to get all of the required government approvals to do a study on the effects of cannabis on PTSD. Okay, it hasn’t been proven that’s why she got sent packing, but everything seems to point to it.

The Phoenix New Times has an excellent article about the matter.

Oregon and Alaska are poised to legalize recreational cannabis. Oregon recently passed legislation allowing medicinal dispensaries. Hopefully, that will give them a bit of a head start like Colorado had.

Some Dravet Syndrome kids don’t respond to CBD-only oil. Sometimes a touch of THC will facilitate the desired results. sometimes the whole effort is fruitless. I just thought I’d mention it.

Speaking of CBD oil for kids with epilepsy…

Did you hear nine states have passed legislation allowing the possession and administration of CBD to the kiddies? Yeah, I find it rather symbolic (useless?) myself. Where and how are the parents supposed to procure this product? What, when the stork drops off the little bundle of joy there’s a care package included with the blanket?

And what’s up with the East Coast and all of the gyrations it seems to be having with medicinal cannabis? It’s like the laws get passed and then the regulatory outfits come up with every conceivable obstacle possible to make it near impossible to implement. Sheesh.

Oh, and let’s not forget Florida. Hopefully that attorney cat (Morgan) didn’t shoot himself in the foot giving that little speech in a bar while he was all boozed-up. Morgan’s put several million dollars into the florida medical cannabis initiative. His foul-mouthed carrying on did nothing for the cause (don’t look at me like that! Heh). I’m sure he wishes he hadn’t done it. I do.

Okay, I guess that’s all I got for this afternoon. After I eat these last two cookies (of two packages of two) I’m going to go start dissasembling a motorcycle transmission.

Or, maybe I’ll go take a nap.



  1. David Maupin said,

    September 17, 2014 at 7:03 pm

    I thought I’d read in one of the major news outlets that you were planning a cross state trip to the San Juan Islands on your antique Panhead Harley motorcycle, after a little maintenance. πŸ˜‰ Good for you, do it soon or dress for fall! Yeah, it’s going to be painful to watch come the new year and the next legislative session, 105 days this time to blend Medical Marijuana in line with the Recreational Cannabis system and end patient, private, residential growing. Most patients don’t even see it coming, sad.. I have no doubt you’ll have the bike road worthy in short order, a 300 mile ride will do you good, then 300 miles back remember. πŸ˜‰

    • capndrift said,

      September 18, 2014 at 11:00 am

      It’s that dratted WikiLeaks again, isn’t it? Heh.
      The trip is planned for three overnight layovers across four days. I can’t pound out the miles like I use to.

      That is, if I go a’tall. The transmission is still in pieces (frown).

      I don’t know why it is, Dave, the folks who will be most affected by the legislation (we expect to see) stay silent on the matter. I mean, it only takes a few minutes to write a letter. Hell, with email one doesn’t even need a stamp nor envelope.

      In my opinion, those who -are- vocal have their own agendas ($$$) and cause about as much harm as good. And then there’s all of the infighting by the different factions. Sheesh.

      Once the changes are made to the law (and it will most assuredly happen) I can’t help but wonder how many genuine patients will have no idea and get get busted for cultivation.

      And how many will simply keep growing hoping to not get caught?

      The legislature will make criminals of a butt-load of ailing folks if it takes away the ability to be self-sustaining.

      And that, itself, is criminal β€” in my not so humble opinion.

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