And now there are five; sort’a, kind’a, but probably not.
I’m writing of Oregon, Alaska and Washington D.C. passing recreational cannabis laws, of course, joining Colorado and Washington State.

The thing with D.C., though, is whatever the District does has to get passed Congress. You may recall D.C.’s medicinal cannabis law was held up for years by those up on The Hill. There are legislators already making noises about tossing a wrench in the works. Sheesh. So, D.C. is the “probably not” even though its citizens have passed it by a resounding 2:1 margin. Such is the way of it in the Republic … I guess.

Something interesting to note (and a bummer for Washingtonians) is Washington is the only state without a (recreational) home growing provision. Colorado, D.C. and Alaska allow for the private cultivation of six plants while Oregon’s number is four. Washington allows zero. Zip. Nada.

As an 11-5-14 Article in the Seattle pi’s “The Pot Blog” points out —

Bummer Deal, Dude

— Washington State has really blown it with its handling of Initiative 502. Though, in all fairness, in the beginning the legislature’s hands were tied in making changes. There’s a two-year provision with Washington initiatives that makes it tough for the legislature to modify them.

That time period has come and gone. Not to be redundant (with the article), but if the lawmakers would simply add private home cultivation into the law it would sure make things easier for the patients currently authorized to use cannabis for treatments.

Because, you see, the Honorable Senators and Representatives are poised to take a chainsaw to the current medicinal laws do to those pesky dispensaries gumming up the works, and perceived cash flow.

I suppose now that the elections are over I’ll start drafting my letter pleading for a humanitarian outcome with the upcoming session.

Welcome, Oregon and Alaska. Don’t screw it up, eh? Oh, and my “best of luck!” to D.C. Though I suppose that’s worth about what this post is. Zero. Zip. Nada.


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