The “Web”

Charlotte’s to be precise. And you know I’m not talking about a spider that saved a pig from the slaughter-house, but a cannabis plant strain and a derivative therefrom.

Anyone that pays the least bit of attention to the medicinal cannabis happenings is hip to that little, Figi, girl whom took the media by storm by practically being cured of a form of pediatric/juvenile epilepsy by ingesting a CBD prominent oil rendered from a plant now called Charlotte’s Web. Yes! “Charlotte” is the little girl’s first name. See, you were with me the whole time.

Because “It’s For The Children!” more than several states have passed legislation allowing the possession and administration of said oil to younguns with the same/similar malady. Cool, huh?

The trippy thing is, in a few of those (states) the legislation actually called out the medication by its trade name, Charlotte’s Web™©®. What a marketing coup! I mean, think about it. That’s like having a law that reads locking pliers are illegal, except for Vise Grips™©®.

Anywho, I came across this article in a Denver CO. paper (Westword) and thought the author (Warner) did a bang up job. It’s a little long, it’ll take ten minutes to get through it (or, maybe that’s just me). Check it out?

Chuck’s Silk


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