A River Runs Through It

As the previous post (in this category) indicates gnarly legislation has been introduced at Washington State’s capitol. The worst of the bunch has been proposed by one Senator Ann Rivers.

Her little gem has sections on (cannabis) recommending health professionals so arduous I wouldn’t jump through all of the hoops. The portions related to patient grows and possession limits are needlessly throttled back so far a person would be lucky to have enough material to make tinctures, topicals, and other “extracts.”

Get this; part of the legislature’s intentions is to regulate the now mostly unregulated medicinal market. I get that, but Rivers original bill didn’t allow for the sale of whole flowers at a medicinal retail outlet! Her stated reasoning was it just isn’t a good thing for a person to smoke anything. Yeah, I know…

It was when she was pandering to the media another aspect of her utter ignorance was revealed. That’s what prompted the following LttE (The Columbian). Ignorance.

Washington folks, I beseech you, please write, email or call your district’s legislators and ask that while they are attempting to bring medicinal retail out of that ‘grey’ area they not shove legitimate patients back into the dark closet.

I find the lawmaking process interesting. For instance, did you know a legislator can introduce a proposal making sweeping changes to current law without having a basic understanding of the repercussions it would have on thousands of people? It’s true. I’ll give you an example: Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center, and Senate Bill 5052.

This proposal is not only aimed at the current retail medicinal marijuana outlets, but makes drastic changes to the law as it pertains to individuals utilizing cannabis for medical treatment. Yet, during a media interview (after her bill was heard in the Senate Health Care Committee), Rivers said a citizen’s testimony was “Specious at best.” That particular citizen had complained the residual contaminants on the cannabis he had purchased at a I-502 store had sickened him.

Just prior to her slight, she claimed the citizen should have seen on the package that pesticides had been introduced, but then she stated, “…in each of the three grows I’ve been in, they do not use pesticides or fungicides because they’re indoor.”

The senator obviously never looked at the packaging — that didn’t list pesticides. Nor is she aware a successful indoor grow without chemical pest deterrents is near impossible.

Interesting, eh?


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  1. February 8, 2015 at 12:31 pm

    What I find interesting about her “specious at best” comment is, Agrijuana “official statement” released 1-29-2015 clearly stating they never told anyone that they are organically grown nor didn’t use pesticides.


    Thus, providing our legislator Ann Rivers claims are “out and out lies” , and have no room for using the term “specious at best”.

    James Barber Sr. the alleged “specious at best” guy..

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