‘Bout a month ago I started a post about all the folks who’ve been convicted of drug offenses getting early releases due to revisions made in sentencing guidelines. Oh, and don’t confuse “guidelines” with mandatory minimums: two different animals.

I was going to mention that the majority of the ‘offenders’ were either in halfway houses or on probation, so it wasn’t like someone just threw the gate open and said, “You’re free to go.”

I’d intended to rant about how those folks still had a long row to hoe, with a felony hanging around their neck; how, maybe, they shouldn’t have ever been convicted in the first damn place.

Blah, blah, blah. I decided not to. I sort of got lost in the research and all of the sudden it started to feel like work. Screw that.

By the way, I read in this morning’s newspaper President Obama had lunch with several of those “released” just the other day. I haven’t a clue what’s up with that. I mean, it’s not like he’s setting up some sort of platform for a reelection. I dunno.

And you know, it is a good thing people are beginning to speak about not only the futility of the War, but the social harm it’s responsible for. Yeah, definitely.

Heck, I’m hearing rumors the topic is on the carte du jour at the upcoming UN Drug Convention. Not that I’m optimistic much will come of it, but starting a conversation is, uh, a start. I guess.

Yeah, anyway, I bailed on the whole dope-prisoner release thing.

Here in Washington State pesticides used in cannabis agriculture is making the news. Just a while back some outfit (licensed outfit) got popped using a product that wasn’t on the approved list. Shortly thereafter the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board got some sort of emergency action going related to recalls. Because, uh, they didn’t have the authority, prior to.

Speaking of pesticides (on Washington pot) there is a list of approved products, all derived from ‘natural’ sources. The funny thing is, though, no one really seems to know what happens when you burn the stuff.

Yes, yes, I know everybody doesn’t smoke their cannabis, but a whole hell of a lot do.

Oh, and pesticide testing isn’t a requirement here because apparently there’s only one lab in the state that does that because it’s a real pain in the ass.

Don’t get me started on labs! Okay, I’ll go this far: apparently the ones with decent work loads are those that consistently provide decent results (I shrug).

And just as a side note: come July 1st many legitimate medicinal cannabis growers (personal use) will become black-market growers. July 1st is when a law becomes affective making specialty clinics no longer viable to receive a recommendation from. I’m guessing military veterans are really digging that, right? I mean, a VA doc can’t go there with the medicinal weed thing. It’s in the employee handbook. Many VA vets are hosed. Oh well.

Hey! Did you read about that whole Epidiolex thing? Epidiolex? That would be a GW Pharmaceuticals product for use in treating childhood epilepsy. Epidiolex had positive results in the Orphan Drug trials so it’s going on to the next phase.

Trials here in the States. Next phase here in the States. I mention the U.S. because Epidiolex is CBD (cannabidiol) derived from plants. Uh, CBD is a schedule I “drug” just like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is. How’s that going to work?

Some have said CBD would then have to be rescheduled. Interesting…

Something else I find interesting is this has all been driven in the interest of the children. Hell, I find it ironic even. I mean, one of the first things that typically comes out of a prohibitionists mouth is, “What of the children?!” Feed them CBD? Heh.

Did you read about the U.S. Supreme court declining to hear Oklahoma and Nebraska’s whining about Colorado’s recreational cannabis law? Those state’s complaint was about “spill over.” That is, people from Colorado taking weed into their states. Why didn’t they ever try to sue Mexico? Get over it, sheesh.

And finally (whew), what about all of those opioid deaths? It’s like forty people a day quit breathing because they took just one too many pills. From what I gather, the majority of these deaths aren’t related to abuse, but simply a person thinking just a bit more will offer a bit more relief. More is better, right? Well, I suppose if a person stops breathing then they’ve found the holy grail of pain relief. I shouldn’t joke. It really is some serious shit.

The prescription pain-killer deaths are around 46% less in states with med-weed laws (whole pot, not just CBD oil). Go ahead, look it up if you don’t believe me.

I know I’ve already mentioned the study Washington State University did related to the synergistic relationship between opioids and cannabinoids at the neurological level. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Or, maybe, statistics (shrug).

But then, I guess no one really gives a fat rat’s about adults … unless, I guess, they’re dropping like flies.

Yeah, I was gonna write about that whole prisoner release thing.
But I changed my mind.


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