And Yet Another Letter To Ed

“Ed” being the editor of the local paper. I’m not sure why they call these Letters to the Editor when in fact the author is really writing to the subscribers… but I digress.

Anyway, I wrote the following a week or so before I wrote to my legislators (previous letter, posted a moment ago). As you can see, it follows the same vein. Yawn? Keep in mind the LttE are restricted to 200 words.

Letter: Support marijuana cultivation

Of the seven states with recreational cannabis laws (plus the District of Columbia), only Washington and Nevada don’t have a provision for home cultivation. Here in Washington last year a legislative bill addressing that was killed in committee by former Rep. Christopher Hurst (HB 2629 would have allowed six plants).

Home cultivation isn’t merely related to recreation. It’s interrelated to medicinal application. Especially when one takes into account the changes Sen. Ann Rivers’ SB5052 (2016) made to this state’s medicinal laws (69.51a RCW).

The specific change I’m writing of speaks to the relationship between a patient and health care provider. The law now states, “In order to authorize for the medical use of marijuana under (a) of this subsection, the health care professional must have a documented relationship with the patient, as a principal care provider or a specialist, relating to the diagnosis and ongoing treatment or monitoring of the patient’s terminal or debilitating medical condition.”

That looks good on paper, right?

And what if the patient is of limited means utilizing the VA for their health care? Not so good, right?

As a vet myself, I ask you to implore your legislators to pass a cultivation bill.


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